Able2Extract PDF Converter

Able2Extract PDF ConverterAble2Extract PDF Converter is regarded as a complete PDF solution package. You have all that you need to convert, create and edit PDF files in a single software solution.This can  be especially beneficial to people who deal with PDF files regularly. The following are the key functionalities of this software:1)  PDF Creation

AbleExstractPdfconverterThere are two ways that PDF creation can be initiated. The first, is to use a virtual PDF printer. Basically, any file on your computer that has a Print option can be converted to PDF format, which includes the support of some rare formats. For example, by using this printer, you can create PDFs from formats such as, XPS, EPUB, DJVU, and Images. You simply have to open the file in the appropriate viewer and choose the Print option. There are up to 300 possible formats to which you will also have the option to add password protection to, if needed.
The Security features are especially convenient if you want to protect the document from copyright abuse or unauthorized use.

2) PDF Conversion

AbleExstractPdfconverterThis software is widely known for its advanced PDF conversion abilities. With it, PDFs can be converted into multiple other editable formats, such as any of the Microsoft Office and OpenOffice formats. It is also possible to convert PDF to AutoCAD, Publisher HTML and Images. If you have multiple PDF files that need to be converted then you can use the batch conversion feature, which will convert multiple files at once. The other option you have to start PDF creation, is from the software itself by clicking on the Create button.

As previously mentioned, PDF creation also allows users to protect their newly created PDFs with an owner or user password.The user password prevents people without a password from viewing and opening the document, while the owner password can be used to prevent modifications of the document (printing, editing, conversion..). Those features can be setup under the Security tab by going to View – PDF Creation Options.

In order to convert a file, simply open it in the software, select parts that you want converted and choose one of the available conversion formats.

The conversion of PDF to Excel also gives you the possibility to set up advanced PDF to Excel row and column settings.

3) PDF Editing

AbleExstractPdfconverterThis software has features for basic editing of PDF documents. Documents can be resized, rescaled, rotated and its pages can moved through the document or deleted. This is very useful if you want to change the size of your file.

To conclude, if you frequently deal with PDF files, you definitely want to check out Able2Extract, to fulfill all of your needs in dealing with PDF files. The software has a trial version, which you should try out first.

For more info visit the website
I recommend this software, very useful and multi platform, work on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux 

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